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Christmas 2018

ThanksLiving banner April 2019
 The ThanksLiving quilted banner was sewn together in November of 2018.  Each of the area churches were asked if they wanted to submit a "square" for the banner.  The individual churches were in charge of how they wanted to represent their church on their "square".  Since it has been finished, each church will have the opportunity to display it prominently for 1 month on a rotating basis.  Our church was honored with hosting it in April 2019.  If you click on the gold title above you can see other photos of this amazing work of art.

Senior Luncheon April 2019

Holy Week 2019

Easter morning 4-21-19

Rachels Day School Supplies Drive 2018
With all of the donations from area churches, the Frieden's  Lutheran Church gave out 124 filled backpacks to children who benefit from the Oley Valley Food Pantry.  Thank you for your generous donations!! 

Senior luncheon 4-3-17

Pastors birthdays 4-2-17

Maundy Thursday 3-29-18

Easter morning 4-1-18